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As a company conducting safety studies on this issue and the need for R & D as well as installation, we provide sales and installation services. Both domestic as well as those who had entered our service network outside of the leading companies in the security field goal into advancing years intech brand is among the companies that made ​​a name for itself in the world.It should be noted that the camera systems realize the secret of our success is not just to make sales or installations.

Zero problems with the security system 
in zero error Alarm System

Our two principle forms the basis of our success. How to remove the problem or malfunction of your home appliances very rare occasion a camera system must be nearly zero in this case.People used to be constantly watched a disturbing situation like today appear to have started to appear as an advantage to be recorded. Registration will enable us to always be under testament to our advantage and we know it will be possible to get rid of the problem of retroactive necessary audio and video recordings.

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Success Rate of Camera System

Camera systems shortest 2 weeks, the longest continuous record amounts 3 months, this period may be extended further, of course. Register if you're not holding the camera system can be remotely monitored and recorded live at the beginning of your recording device backups it can even be backed up. You can watch every moment on holiday or at home or live in your village. There are actually like being there to watch. The performance of staff or remote live view operation of your business that will save you from wasting time and keep your business functioning more controllable form.

Although there are times when a troublesome system is properly installed camera systems are working smoothly. The number of adapters during installation, from current and cable length, location of the camera and the viewing menu is simple backward must be delivered adjusted correctly. We laugh about our staff trained and educated work-faced seriousness and the importance of knowing what will work for your business to build the system you need the highest performance.

  • Camera systems are not the fault system.
  • Correct camera system can operate smoothly in 15 years.
  • Surveillance cameras recording offers the ability to track backward from mobile phones.
  • Image quality does not drop at night, turning quality black and white.

Cameras and deterrence is that of keeping away from the dangers of the biggest reasons we do not get between us are indispensable in our lives. To arrest for crimes they committed in places where people tend to commit crimes, and here they are taking a long time to make discoveries, cameras and alarms that they avoid these places because places a high degree of risk places for thieves.

Discoveries in camera

Before installing camera systems, such as burglar alarms think necessary to this by identifying risk areas, are realizing the necessary camera setups. Often stolen your property, it may be that you can not put your valuables and memories in some cases. The human instinct to defend itself has changed as time progresses more and different technologies. Intech in order to do a good job making our meetings every week how our business whether we could get the highest level of ethics We strive to offer the best to you.